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Staza potvrđivanja[uredi]

Staza potvrđivanja za ProofreadPage dodatak uključuje pet nivoa:

Bez teksta
prazna strana Nije korigovana Korigovana Potvrđena


The first three are the normal pathway :

  • Not proofread is the default value. (See all pages.)
  • Proofread means proofread by one contributor. (See all pages.)
  • Validated means proofread by two contributors. The corresponding button is available only if the page has been already proofread by someone else. (See all pages.)
This color coding scheme is also visible in the page index view, where each page is listed with the appropriate background color.

In addition,

  • Without text is for blank pages. It is not used for image pages. (See all pages.)
  • Problematic indicates a problem that needs further work or discussion among contributors. (See all pages.)

You will find the buttons that indicate these status levels under the edit window. If a previous contributor has proofread the page already, they will appear as below:

Five buttons
Five buttons

If no one has proofread the page yet, the buttons will appear as follows:

Four buttons
Four buttons

In both cases, you can change the status of the page by selecting the appropriate button and saving the page. If the green "Validate" button is not available to you, it will appear for other users if you select the yellow "Proofread" button and save.

The state of each page in a document is shown on the index page, as shown in the screenshot on the right.

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